2014 m. sausio 17 d., penktadienis

Hello photographers, bloggers and other web users. Just want to let you know that there is new resource for people learning digital photography.
Website photo-geek is great place to do it, maybe it is not so good as DigitalRev or school of digital photography, but all authors look from different perspective, all interprets different digital photography basics. You may find some really useful photo tips.
 If you watch pictures at 500px of flickr and can not understand how the hell it is made, try to capture images with your brand new iphone or other device, but still don’t get it- you should necessarily visit website photo geek.
If you do you have everything you see with pictures, maybe even go crazy, don’t know how to choose the first digital camera or tripod. Get positive some knowledge of how and what to do, that would be the best result, you get what you want at photo geek.
But It is still not enough to have a good expensive camera, not camera making pictures, but people captures moments. Comparing two examples: maybe man with a lot experience working in National Geographic holding simple compact camera will make better images than you holding expensive DSLR. You guess it, yes knowledge is power and you have to get some new information, ideas and techniques to become better in digital photography.
Every image got own trick, where you have to pay attention to camera settings, light, choose right lens, post production and etc
So feel free to visit photo-geek to become better photographer. Thank you for reading and have a nice day everybody.